Mobile phones have quickly become a staple of everyday life. From phoning, messaging and taking pictures now, where are we without them? The quality of the camera has improved considerably, perhaps to a phase in which the computer-controlled camera is displaced. And iPhone XR is not left behind, if you want to boost its camera capability below are some of the compatible camera lenses.

#1. Crenova


Great Phone Lens Provides Consistently High Performance – Made of high-quality material; the high-quality HD lens reduces glare and contours without effort. The intense mix of 128 ° wide edge lens and 20x large scale lens gives you the opportunity to photograph a wide range of subjects and to fulfill all your wishes.

20X Macro Design Reaches Corner-to-Corner Details – Allows you to take photos at distances of 2-3 cm in front of your lens with new points of interest. Use the phone camera to make perfect, exquisite and amazing close-ups effortlessly. When you pull out a load and share the incredible breathtaking images, you’ll start to look at the photography with all your eyes!

#2 Xenvo


Shoot shocking photos of people, animals, travel views, scenes, technology, selfies and that’s just the beginning. NO dark corners (vignetting) like less expensive lenses. Made of aircraft aluminum and high-quality optical glass for durability and clarity. Split glass lenses with multiple components limit ghosting, reflections, lens flares, and various artifacts. Mirrorless camera lenses perfect for specialists and photo stars alike.

Catch each of the complexities and subtle elements with accuracy center for fresh razor frames reliably. The LED light from GlowClip wraps around your phone anywhere to quickly illuminate your subject and your surroundings with warm, steady light. The warm and ordinary LED light is better than your phone’s in Streak – which can be dazzling and unnatural. Say goodbye to the disappointing photo “takes back” and hello to gorgeous photographs the first pass.



The Super Fisheye lens takes a 198 ° perspective of your overall environment. It gives you sensationally adapted pictures to fantastic pictures. With our excellent fisheye lens, your images are less deformed and still have these unique, customized images. KEYWING fisheye lenses provide a true hemispheric view, making everyone look like they live in an air bag. How to roll an all-encompassing shot into a snowball. With the wide-angle lens, you are currently ready to conquer the once too big scene.

Put it on and stretch out the breakpoints of your cell phone camera lens to capture eternal cityscape, huge gatherings, entire rooms, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you take a photo with the Macro lens, you will be able to use the power of detail to drive around your phone to show everyone how exquisite and fresh the footage is nearby. Truly, the world shines on a large scale! The 2X telephoto lens is here to save you from endless pixels.



Top Wireless Lens Connector for Versatile Shots: 11 different cell phone lenses allow you to take better shots under different circumstances, an exceptional way to take innovative pictures with your phone and make your phone look more like a traditional camera. Made of high-quality glass: High-quality optical glass prevents ghosting and reflex reflections, leads to minimal vignetting and mutilation on the edges of your recordings. These camera lens packs contain everything you need for a picture, the All Inclusive Separate-Clasp Tender Elastic Cushion gives you the ability to join in a moment or two to your gadget and allows you to to switch between lenses effectively.

#5. Vorend


The Professional CPL lens is suitable for solid light. When you are in a solid light, CPL can cause you to keep the random light to make it clearer. CPL lens reduces reflections, improves shading and sharpness. If you use Vorend Premium lenses, you will see differences between different lenses. Have you at any time craved a picture taker, you are overly happy Vorend premium lenses will help you to take photos like experts. Fulfillment is guaranteed. If you figure out how to use lenses, you will stick with lenses. Let’s try our brilliant lenses! Easy to carry and the best gift for people loves to photograph Small bundle plan and easy to convey can carry you effortlessly in your pocket and Vorend bundles contain little space in your pocket. You can take lentils everywhere. Vorend Premium Lenses is the best gift decision for who loves or enthusiasm for beginners or professional photos. You can give each Vorend premium lenses.


By and large, there is a consensus that the simple mobile phone replaces the computer-controlled camera. Deals over the past few years have suggested this positively. The imaging performance of mobile phones is well advanced, at a level where they are as sharp, clear and usable as the computer

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